5Kg Club (Susan)


The 5kg Club  is a nutrition program designed to help you lose approximately 5kg over 10 weeks*. Whether it is your first 5kg, or final 5kg, we are there to support you along the way.

The 5Kg Club package includes:

  • Structured, but flexible, meal plans (ability to swap some meals around to suit you). Option to upgrade to individualised meal plan for additional cost.
  • Online support via Facebook group, text or email. Ask questions when you don’t understand, get access to new recipes, ideas and tips, get to know other people on the program.
  • Weekly ‘accountability’ check-ins.
  • FoodFix4Life Stop, Get Ready, Go book

*Weight loss is approximate only and not guaranteed. The amount you lose will depend on individual biology, adherence to meal plans, exercise etc. We know losing 5Kg in 10 weeks is possible and safe on these plans for most people.



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